2023-07-13 OEM Repair Procedures and Build Sheet Data Meeting Minutes


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Jul 13, 2023


As participants in this meeting, we need to be mindful of the constraints of antitrust laws. There shall be no discussions of agreements or concerted actions that may restrain competition. This prohibition includes the exchange of information concerning individual prices, rates, coverages, market practices, claims settlement practices, or any other competitive aspect of an individual company’s operation. Each participant is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion falling outside these bounds.


  • Welcome/Networking

  • Antitrust

    • This meeting is subject to the terms of our anti-trust statement shown here.  In addition, this meeting may be recorded. 

  • Meeting minute Review

  • OEM Data gathering progress report

  • Statement for data categories

    • Mission Statement of Committee

    • Impacted Segments

    • Pain points we are addressing.

    • Benefits to the industry of categories

Meeting Minutes

  • Welcome

    • Members have been experiencing issues with Microsoft Teams this week and not able to get into committee meetings without multiple attempts.

  • Antitrust and recording accepted

  • Meeting Minutes reviewed and accepted

  • Reviewed OEM discussions - Stacey Phillips

    • We talked to BMS, Audi, GM, Mercedes Benz, Rivian and Lucid to share the goals of the OEM Repair Procedure committee and get assistance with gathering categories of repair.

      • The discussions have been great but there are a couple of OEMs that have ask why we need this and not forward in sharing this information.

  • We want to review the Pain Points and go over the Committee Page to come up with a Facts sheet to share with others on what the Committee’s Goals are.

    • Review Mission Statement, Our Problem Statement, the benefits of why the categories are important.

    • We are trying to come up with a standard language of parts a technician needs to be able to repair the vehicle.

      • We want someone that is familiar with the industry and Repair Procedures and they should be able to search on the OEMs requirements to find the OEM Repair Procedures.

      • Technicians may know this terminology but we have the estimator, the blueprinter, who is going to be writing the estimate and running it past the technician, but then also having this information available and again doesn't have to be an IP it you know it, it could be a different entity, right?

      • The one stop shop so that people don't have to kick out of doing an estimate by going from Audi to Porsche to get their information to write the estimate. They can do it all in the middle there with minimal sidetracking to try and find it, and then automate it. Make it open and transparent to who everybody from the point of impact to the giving it back to the customer. Of course, we're going to wind up with supplements and everything else, and let's face it, you'll have to include whatever those procedures are at that point.

      • We're not looking at the technician per se because they they're familiar with the nomenclature. It's kind of that in between area, from front to back and the person that walks in the door that says hi, I'm here to write an estimate for XYZ insurance company.

      • Is the OEM procedures are there? Are they available? There may be some reluctance. We have OEM procedures; we've got them available is the reasoning for this to replace that which I believe it absolutely is not. But in order to communicate what come you know from the technician level, cause the technicians are going to be more familiar with this. But as a communication tool of the differences that you see from OEM to OEM that they have a place they fit that's common in the communication process from the beginning of the repair to the end of the repair.

      • Repair Procedures are in the OEM specific sites.

      • They change and are going to continue to be updated and we need a way to document that we followed the Repair Procedures that were available when the car was repaired.

      • Document the Procedures is key

      • We have one point where we are trying to do data mapping exercise and then the other seems like workflow, the mapping is okay but the workflow is making some members uncomfortable.

        • Customers who write plans before they blueprints before they ever write an estimate. So are we trying to solve for a workflow problem or a data problem?

        • In the past, we would understand the workflow and then understand where CIECA fits in and what messages will help solve the problems in the workflow.

        • The Committee is trying to solve both problems.

        • Finding the information is cumbersome and time consuming and therefore, that makes some repairs be completed without following the correct procedures.

        • CIECA needs to work together with NASDAQ.

        • There are three estimating systems. So again, what is the real problem? I mean if what the problem is we're trying to create a level playing field for everyone, that's a different, that's different than what we did back to EMS.

    • Come up with an approach of what we are trying to fix. Phil and Mark as the Chairs have lots of homework.

    • Have 400 questions for Frank to present at CIC and add some artwork :)


Great Meeting Everyone

  • Welcome/Networking

  • Antitrust

  • Meeting minute Review

  • Review Master Category list and recommend CIECA Categories

Action items






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