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As participants in this meeting, we need to be mindful of the constraints of antitrust laws. There shall be no discussions of agreements or concerted actions that may restrain competition. This prohibition includes the exchange of information concerning individual prices, rates, coverages, market practices, claims settlement practices, or any other competitive aspect of an individual company’s operation. Each participant is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion falling outside these bounds.

Photo Estimate Committee Membership

Photo Estimate Committee participation is open to both members of CIECA and Non members of CIECA.

Membership within Photo Estimate Committee is granted after attending two consecutive meetings and 50% of the scheduled meetings after membership is established.

Membership is granted to the individual, not an organization.  

All approval decisions are made openly and on a consensus basis.  Consensus requires that all views and objections be openly and honestly considered, and that a concerted effort be made toward resolution.  The group will agree collectively on recognizing different positions.

Photo Estimate

  • Integrates artificial intelligence (AI) data into estimate message

  • Carries photo estimate identifier into body shop management system

Scope & Objectives

The Photo Estimate Committee will focus on the potential and process of:

  • Determine the benefits to all industry segments

  • Provide industry definitions (including questions and answers) and process flows

  • Develop a standard format for data communications

  • Establishing relationships to existing data elements

  • Developing a business workflow and providing industry definitions for all entities involved in this process

  • Developing new message types, code lists and/or fields (as needed) to facilitate Photo Estimate messages

  • Integrating messages to include all aspects of the vehicle repair process to reduce the cycle time experienced today

  • Establishing Photo Estimate Implementation Guide(s)

  • Create a standard for vehicle image reporting and securing necessary information to assess vehicle damage (e.g., an estimate)

  • Be consistent with and integrate into the vehicle assignments, estimates and scheduling processes and standards by acquiring needed information

  • Invite non-CIECA organizations and companies to join us in this development, including ACORD and CCIF

Operating Guidelines

  • To incorporate all potential business entities in the business processes

  • To work with the group to respond to group goals and timelines

  • To provide an open working relationship with the Committee within the antitrust guidelines

  • To coordinate all standards development with CCIF, ACORD and related organizations


The purpose of this committee is to define business information passing between parties as it relates to the collision repair and related industries.  We are asking for responses and feedback from the industry at-large relative to the work the committee has done to date, and to emphasize the importance of continued work in this area. 

The first objective will be to develop a single focus of the committee’s scope, objectives and goals.  It is evident that a framework has already begun that can drive future progress, and success will be dependent upon an expanded active participation.

 Today, the cycle time for repairing and returning vehicles to the consumer after auto accidents takes a significant amount of time. Much of that time can be shortened if the gaps experienced in the reporting steps can be reduced with electronic notifications.  In addition to improving cycle time, reducing costs and improved documentation are also critical goals of this committee.

 Our emphasis is on gaining efficiencies and improving customer service which is being stressed in the industry today.



The Photo Estimating Committee’s scope expands beyond photos to include all forms of imaging and can also include Scan information.

 CIECA’s Photo Estimating Committee’s goal is to develop and maintain messaging standards and codes aimed at notifying parties of the loss, documenting the loss itself, and reducing the costs associated with the repair process. When implemented, the benefit will be to get it to the correct appraisal channel (e.g. repair facility, salvage yard, field appraiser, virtual appraisal) and reduce the cycle time, and improve the overall customer experience.  Standards will benefit insurers, repair facilities, and vehicle owners in expediting the vehicle inspection process.  In addition, it will aid in the insurer’s determination of coverage and/or liability and deter fraud.

 All business needs will be identified to enable estimates to be written from photos and other images that can be initiated anytime during the claims process. This can include the first notice of loss, the assignment, the estimate and potentially the valuation and salvage process. 

Consumers demand a more timely, convenient, and efficient process, and setting standards is the first step toward this goal.


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Insurance Companies

Insurance Agents

Repair Facilities

Information Technology Providers

Third Party Administrators


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Caliber Collision Centers


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Nationwide Insurance


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Allstate Insurance


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State Farm Insurance


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Greg Best - Last Chair

California Casualty Management


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Innovation Group

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Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club


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