2023-11-09 OEM Repair Procedures and Build Sheet Data Meeting Minutes


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Nov 9, 2023


As participants in this meeting, we need to be mindful of the constraints of antitrust laws. There shall be no discussions of agreements or concerted actions that may restrain competition. This prohibition includes the exchange of information concerning individual prices, rates, coverages, market practices, claims settlement practices, or any other competitive aspect of an individual company’s operation. Each participant is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion falling outside these bounds.


  • Welcome/Networking

  • Antitrust

    • This meeting is subject to the terms of our anti-trust statement shown here.  In addition, this meeting may be recorded. 

  • Meeting minute Review

  • Review Updates to CIECA and Committee Documents

    • Must Haves

  • Do we have Parameters needed for search and response?

Meeting Minutes

  • Welcome

  • Antitrust and recording accepted

  • Meeting Minutes reviewed and accepted

  • Complexity of finding repair procedures

    • In our last meeting it was stated that the complexity of finding the repair procedures is not as hard to find now due to most OEMs having the newer vehicles built in the OEM UI approach.

      • You can buy temporary access to these sites to retrieve the repair procedures.

    • At CONNEX and CIC, we had presentations that still talked about the complexity of finding the repair procedures and using different hyperlinks to drill down into the needed repair and you could select the wrong link and go a different direction.

    • The more a technician uses the software, the more familiar they are with that software and makes it easier, its more complex for smaller shops that repair different brands and need to use different software on a temporary basis.

  • Committee Focus

    • Phil is still working with his technical team to find the Data being used today for the API messages.

    • NASDAQ may have some of this work done.

      • Stacey Phillips talked to Donnie, and he agreed to meet for a committee meeting, however we had CONNEX and SEMA and put everything on hold.

      • We need to invite Donnie to our next meeting.

    • Chuck mentioned the CIECA Calibration Committee working with the OEM Round Table to find OEM procedures for prerequisites before calibration. This crosses over with this committee, and we may want to see if Chris can join a committee meeting.

      • CIECA Committee Chairs could present at the OEM Roundtable

        • Guide from the OEM's collectively of harmonizing some of the terms. Common terminology

        • Set up a meeting with Calibration and OEM members to get exposure to the OEM Round table.

Great Meeting Everyone

  • Welcome/Networking

  • Antitrust

  • Meeting minute Review

  • NASDAQ update on what they have around the data that helps them with OEM Repair Procedures

  • API data requirements

Action items

Invite Donnie to meeting.
Set up a joint meeting with Chris to discuss Calibration and OEM Repair Procedures.






  • @Paulette Reed

  • Ginny Whelan

  • Paul Marshall

  • Mark Allen

  • Ross Whiteley

  • Dale Ringwald

  • Dave Butler

  • Kelci Lemanski

  • Paul Barry

  • Stacey Phillips

  • Kim Sorlien

  • Rank Terlep

  • Chuck Olsen

  • Phil Martinez

  • Chris Bonneau

  • Don Porter

  • Todd Korpi

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