2022-12-08 OEM Repair Procedures and Build Sheet Data Meeting Minutes


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Dec 8, 2022


As participants in this meeting, we need to be mindful of the constraints of antitrust laws. There shall be no discussions of agreements or concerted actions that may restrain competition. This prohibition includes the exchange of information concerning individual prices, rates, coverages, market practices, claims settlement practices, or any other competitive aspect of an individual company’s operation. Each participant is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion falling outside these bounds.


  • Welcome/Networking

  • Antitrust

  • Meeting minute review

  • Subcommittee work

  • SAE Involvement

Meeting Minutes

  • Antitrust Accepted

    • Moving forward, we will display the antitrust and ask if everyone agrees

  • Meeting minutes reviewed and accepted

  • Subcommittee

    • In the last meeting it was decided that Ginny would work with a small subcommittee to create an operational plan and start with the front of the committee.

    • With the holidays and the travel going on right now, the subcommittee has not been able to meet and plans to kickoff at the beginning of next year.

    • Ginny is looking forward to working with OEMs in this committee and others in a hope to put together a complete snapshot. We said we would start with the bumper assembly and the terminology that is carried throughout from different manufactures and different part types going forward.

    • Ginny will prep for when to schedule meeting and get things in advance to help us move seamlessly and with some speed.

    • Anyone interested in being part of the subcommittee, please let Paulette know so she can add you to the invite.

    • Sub Committee will meet January 11 @3pm

  • SAE Involvement

    • Chuck Olsen was planning to attend this meeting to discuss SAE involvement, however, he had a last-minute conflict and unable to attend today.

Early dismissal for everyone to start having a Happy Holiday Season

Up Next

  • Welcome/Networking

  • Antitrust

  • Meeting minute Review

  • Subcommittee Update

  • SAE Involvement

Action items




  • @Paulette Reed

  • Stacey Phillips

  • Brett Holman

  • Ginny Whelan

  • Shaughn Kennedy

  • Erin Solis

  • Dave Butler

  • Bruce Davidson

  • Ed Mondragon

  • Kelci

  • Paul Marshall

  • Paul Barry

  • Trent Tinsley

  • Michael Giarrizzo

  • Nick Dominato

  • Sandy Blalock

  • Frank Terlep

  • Don Porter


Participants in the meetings are noted for your information.  If you have questions on the committee’s activities, please contact a recent attendee. https://cieca.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CPSC/pages/1354760193