2024-04-25 Estimate (VDI) Committe Meeting notes


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Apr 11, 2024


As participants in this meeting, we need to be mindful of the constraints of antitrust laws. There shall be no discussions of agreements or concerted actions that may restrain competition. This prohibition includes the exchange of information concerning individual prices, rates, coverages, market practices, claims settlement practices, or any other competitive aspect of an individual company’s operation. Each participant is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion falling outside these bounds.


  • Welcome/Networking

  • Antitrust

    • This meeting is subject to the terms of our anti-trust statement shown here.  In addition, this meeting may be recorded. 

  • Meeting Minute approval

  • Homework Review

Meeting Minutes

  • Welcome/Networking

  • Antitrust and Recording Accepted

  • Meeting minutes Accepted.

  • Reviewed the EMStoBMStoCAPIS

    • We added AssignmentAdd aggregates

      • We had a filter for Assignment

      • Hide all EMS column Values

      • Hide BMS besides field name

    • Hide 41-43 for being more rental

    • Hide Card Color and Card Number for Fleet Info

    • Facts has Federal Litigation and State Litigation zero based budget

      • Needed for Insurance but not during assignment or Estimate

    • Hide Fleet and Glass Info

    • Massachusetts zero based budget

    • Hide Rental Assignment Event and Rental Info and Rental Vehicle Discription

    • Hide Salvage

    • Hide subrogation

  • Reviewed fields

    • Made notes of recommendations and reviewed by VDI committee

    • Made it through DeductibleAmt and Phil will look to see if it is used.

    • Start next meeting at Degrees.

  • How to handle photos (New Workflow or Service)

    • File Attachment

      • Today photos can be sent in picture format or URL

      • AI Committee is adding new fields for resolution

    • Capturing photos estimating messages from customers and here are the photos we already gathered.

Great Meeting Everyone and Thank you for your participation. Have a Great Week!

Up Next

  • Welcome/Networking

  • Antitrust Accepted

  • Homework Review

Action items




  • @Paulette Reed

  • Tod Balan

  • Jason Norman

  • Paul Barry

  • Krysten Green

  • Neil Parr-Davies

  • Chris Martinez

  • Phil Martinez

  • Nohemi Gonzalez Lopez

  • Javier