Business Plan Emerging Technology Data Standards Ad-hoc Committee

Interested Party and Level of Commitment, Pioneer Companies

  • AirPro Diagnostics

  • Allstate Insurance

  • AMi

  • ARA

  • Assured Performance Network

  • AsTech

  • Atlas Automotive

  • Audi

  • AutoSpot Production

  • Auto Techceleators, LLC

  • Automotive Industries Association of Canada

  • Campbell Marketing


  • CCC Information Services

  • Color All, LLC

  • ComputerLogic, Inc.

  • Dent Digest SA

  • Equipment and Tools

  • Fix Auto USA

  • Ford

  • Gateway Autobody

  • General Motors

  • Hanover Insurance

  • H&V Collision Center

  • LaMettry’s Collision

  • Mercedes- Benz

  • Mitchell international

  • NuGen IT, Inc., an OEC Company

  • On the Road Garage

  • Repairify Solutions Inc

  • Salvage Wire Ltd

  • Seidner’s Collision Center

  • Service King

  • Sherwin Williams

  • Sovereign, Inc

  • State Farm Insurance

  • The Wreck Room Inc

  • Triple A&J Collision

  • United Recyclers Group

  • VefiFacts Automotive LLC

Note:  Membership is open to any company who is a member of ARA or CIECA.
Note:  Sublet items, where parts are considered as sublet, will be addressed at a later date (i.e., services, auto glass, etc.).
Note:   Use of the CIECA standard requires the user to be a CIECA member.  Membership is not required for the purchase and use of products that contain the CIECA products.


Benefits to Industry Segment

The extent to which the work by the committee can benefit the industry will ultimately drive the effectiveness of the committee.  Therefore, it is important to clearly define and list the benefits so that the members of the various industry segments can provide feedback on the importance of further work. 

 The following is a list of possible industry benefits:

  • Emerging Technologies will be identified and collaborated on with the industry, which will provide a more accurate and efficient work flow for all industry segments impacted.

  • Industry terminology will be consistent and documented and coordinated with the industry.

  • New Data Elements and Code List Values will be identified to communicate the new Emerging Technologies.

  • Electronic messaging will be updated and created to share the new data elements and Code List Values to the correct industry segments.




All CIECA Products will be reviewed after the Work flow and data requirements have been identified to evaluate impact and need.

The list of Impacted Products or New Products will be posted here with a short description. The Full Requirements will be managed on the CIECA Products Confluence Page.




The XML message deliverables are:

  • Data Requirement updates will be made to the BMS.

  • Business Use Case(s)/Implementation Guide(s) will be updated or created to reflect data flow and business requirement changes found while working on Emerging Technologies.

  • IG Appendix C(s)/Implementation Guide(s) will be updated to provide system requirements for developers.

  • Test Cases will be created to demonstrate the Implementation Guides.

Note: The new Schema will be a product of the Architecture Committee, and generated from the BMS changes approved by the committee.

Open API Deliverables:

At this time the Open API is still in Architecture. After Architecture releases the Guidelines, this committee may look at using JSON.


Resource Requirements


Staff times for project support are included with CIECA membership for approved projects.  Staff time will include project management assistance as well as technical assistance.

Volunteer Time:

Business volunteers will be needed to identify business requirements of the message contents.  Representation from multiple areas of the business segment will make the message development more complete and better serve the entire industry.  Business volunteers will also be needed for the development of the Implementation Guides.

Technical volunteers will be needed to complete the translation of business needs to the BMS representation of those business needs and work with Architecture in this integration.  Assistance will be made available from members of Architecture.



Release Name

Value it adds



Completed date




To do / In progress / Blocked / Waiting for feedback / Done

Jan 15, 2021

Next steps

  • Identify Emerging Technology so they can be grouped by what Industry Segments they impact to help prioritize the impact and where we need to start focus.



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