Project Standards Committee(s)


CIECA Project Standards Committee(s) participation is open to both members of CIECA and Nonmembers of CIECA.

Membership within the CIECA Project Standards Committee(s) is granted after attending two consecutive meetings and 50% of the scheduled meetings after membership is established.

Membership is granted to the individual, not an organization.  

All approval decisions are made openly and on a consensus basis.  Consensus requires that all views and objections be openly and honestly considered, and that a concerted effort be made toward resolution.  The group will agree collectively on recognizing different positions.

Operating Guidelines

  • To incorporate all potential business entities in the business processes for the Business Industry Need.

  • To work with the members to respond to committee goals and timelines.

  • To provide an open working relationship with the Committee within the antitrust guidelines.

  • To coordinate all standards development with CIECA’s Product Committees.

  • To coordinate all standards development and terminology with other industry entities.


CIECA’s Project Standard Committee(s) goal is to identify, prioritize, develop and maintain messaging, data sharing standards and codes to help all segments of the collision industry get access to and share data that enables commerce, communication and connectivity between segments.

The committee(s) responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, identifying new data sources, new data access and sharing requirements, new connectivity methodologies, new workflows, new terminology, and new data requirements to help drive the adoption and implementation of these new technologies into all collision industry segments.


The Purpose of CIECA’s Project Standard Committee(s) is to define business information passing between parties as it relates to the collision repair and related industries. We are asking for responses and feedback from the industry at-large relative to the work the committee(s) has done to date, and to emphasize the importance of continued work in this area.


Scope and Objectives

Each Project Standard Committee will set the Projects Scope and Objectives.

When the Objectives of the Project Standard Committee is complete, the Product Committees impacted by the work will review the changes for approval.

When the Objectives have been approved by the Project Standard Committees, SAB Committee and/or Architecture, the Project Committee will be closed.