2021-2-22 SAB Meeting




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   CIECA 500 Westover Dr  #11617; Sanford,  NC  27330 


Feb 22, 2021


As participants in this meeting, we need to be mindful of the constraints of antitrust laws. There shall be no discussions of agreements or concerted actions that may restrain competition. This prohibition includes the exchange of information concerning individual prices, rates, coverages, market practices, claims settlement practices, or any other competitive aspect of an individual company’s operation. Each participant is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion falling outside these bounds.


Meeting Minutes

  • Anti-Trust Statement was approved

  • Previous meeting minutes were accepted

  • SAB Meeting Guidelines

    • Jira Reports

      • Reviewed all the JIRAS and the current state of each.


      • Review Active Committees

      • Architecture Committee:   Dan Webster was absent so Phil presented the update

        • CAPIS

          • We are moving forward with the use of Swagger

          • Confluence will be used to document the project

          • FNOL is the first message(s) that will be worked

        • CIECA Information Privacy Ad-Hoc Committee: Steve Betley and Lance Vannalom; Steve presented the update

          • A pre Kickoff meeting was held to do introductions and to go over the reasons behind this committee and the business plan.

          • Prior to the pre Kickoff meeting a few members of CIECA (Paul, Phil and Steve) meet with CIC to discuss the concerns of security. Paul did a great job in the meeting presenting the EMS and BMS and upcoming Open API standards, but with the explanation, CIECA is not responsible for security. There is a difference between the Privacy of the EMS and the BMS, but that does not make one more secure than the other. The security is implemented between the business partners.

          • The meeting went well and everyone understood the differences between the Privacy and Security.

          • CIC has put into place a Golden Rule, which they want all companies to sign and will be advertised as members with the Golden Rule. Companies are reviewing this with legal and some companies may have signed already.

        • Education Sub-Committee:  Kathy Goddard; Stacey presented the update

          • February is a CIECAST for our new API Standards

          • March CIECAST is Mitchell with claims automation

          • April CIECAST is Technical CIECAST 2020R1

          • Video script has been reviewed by Education and Marketing Committees. We are currently looking at companies and the prices to determine which one to go with.

        • Emerging Technologies Adhoc Committee: Frank Terlep and Gene Lopez; Gene presented the update

          • Kickoff Scheduled March 3, 2021

          • Gene and Frank have had discussions on how to kickoff the committee and the vision.

          • A meeting will be set prior to the Kickoff to go over ideas with the CIECA team and provide documentation overview and agenda.

        • Recycled Parts & Inventory (RPI) Committee:  Ginny Whelan; presented the update

          • Meetings moved to monthly

          • Waiting for the Emerging Technology meetings to kickoff to get some answers and direction.

          • ARA is changing Glossary terms and this will impact CIECA code list, such things as there is not a gas pedal in an electric car.

        • Salvage Committee:  Don Porter; Paulette presented the update

          • Disposition Inquiry changes have been made to the BMS

          • A new Code list value has been added

          • Doodle has been created to set up the meeting to go over the requested changes and to update the implementation guides and flowcharts.

          • Once the Committee has reviewed and approved the changes, the changes will be taken to the Architecture committee for approval.

      • Implementation Mode/Inactive Committees:

        • Parts Procurement Committee:  Mike Hastings and Cindy Chapman; Mike presented update

          • Mike wants to start planning for an April 1 Activation of the PMP committee

    • Implementation Guides (IGs)

      • No New IG’s for this month

    • IG Appendix Cs

      • No New Appendix Cs for this month

    • Semi-annual Meetings

      • Semi Annual meeting will be sent out for April for inactive committees


      • February is a CIECAST for our new API Standards

      • March is Mitchell

      • April is Technical CIECAST 2020R1


    • Charters & Business Plans

      • No New Charters & Business Plans this month

    • Project Proposals

      • No new Projects this month

    • Workflows

      • No new Workflows this month

    • Implementation Guides & Appendix C

      • No new Implementation Guides and Appendix C

  • Other Documents

    • CIECA staff is working on documentation that is driven by the CIECA Products instead of the committees. We hope this will help advertise our products and make it simpler to find and implement with new customers.

      • cieca.com

      • Confluence has a new Products page that will be linked to cieca.com to share content of the products.

  • Old & New Business

    • No Old Business

    • New Business

      • Finding Active Chairs for committees since we are going to be activating committees to help with the CAPIS project.

        • We have many committees that have been inactive for some time and the current chairs may not be part of that segment of business any longer. For Example, Mike is chair of Repair status but has not been active in that part of the industry for years. He recommends Enterprise to find a chair because they are active with this area of the industry.

        • Send out messages to current Chairs of inactive committees to see if they would still like to be chairs when the committee is activated.

          • Make sure to point out that we do not expect this to take much of their time.

          • For Chair(s) that no longer want to chair the committee, reach out to the CIECA Board members and CIECA Members to help find new Chair(s).

      • Work on creating a page or reference for people to get email and contact information to reach out to for the SAB members.

Great meeting everyone!

Up Next

  • Antitrust Agreement and Meeting minutes acceptance

  • SAB Meeting Guidelines

    • Jira Reports

    • Review Committees

    • Semi Annual Meeting


  • SAB Voting Items

    • None

  • Other Documents

  • Old Business

    • None

Action items




  • @Paulette Reed - Scribe

  • Stacey Phillips

  • Ginny Whelan

  • Steve Betley

  • Phil Martinez

  • Paul Barry

  • Jeff Schroder

  • Mike Hastings

  • Greg Best

  • Gene Lopez

  • Frank Terlep




Participants in the meetings are noted for your information.  If you have questions on the committee’s activities, please contact a recent attendee. https://cieca.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SAB