CIECA SAB Committee Minutes 08/26/2020


   CIECA 500 Westover Dr  #11617; Sanford,  NC  27330 


Aug 27, 2020


As participants in this meeting, we need to be mindful of the constraints of antitrust laws. There shall be no discussions of agreements or concerted actions that may restrain competition. This prohibition includes the exchange of information concerning individual prices, rates, coverages, market practices, claims settlement practices, or any other competitive aspect of an individual company’s operation. Each participant is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion falling outside these bounds.


  • Welcome

    • Anti-Trust Statement & Approval of previous meeting minutes

    • Process – All items in Red are changes to the SDC’s Tactical Plan, if there is no disagreement with these changes, these will be considered approved

  • Committee Reports

    • Implementation Mode Committees Reports then Active Committee Reports

    • Updates for This Meeting are in Red, those in Red presented to be reviewed

    • Updates from Prior Meetings this Quarter are in Blue

    • If only a message name appears, the task is to create an instance for that message.

    • Why are there implementation mode committees with multiple tasks? These tasks are to be completed by CIECA staff


  • Review of All Committees

    • Implementation Guides (IGs)

    • IG Appendix Cs

    • Semi-annual Meetings After Each Release

    • Verify all BMS Messages Have Instance Documents

  •  Tactical Plan Review


    • Charters & Business Plans

    • Project Proposals

    • Workflows

    • Implementation Guides & Appendix C

    • Other Documents

    • Old & New Business

Meeting Minutes

  • Antitrust Agreed

  • Meeting Minutes accepted

  • Review 2020 Tactical Plan

    • CER - Combined Environmental Reporting

      • Needed a Database message so third party could share information

      • Steve Schillinger has retired, so would need a new chair.

      • Never got off the ground; nothing planned at this time.

    • CSI Committee

      • Chair is vacant

      • We used to have the Semi Annual Meeting and then we would have Architecture meeting to review questions from Semi Annual meeting and QA meetings. We normally don’t have questions from QA and the architecture committee is part of QA, so the questions are answered by Architecture in the face to face.

      • The reason for the semi annual meeting was to keep people active in CIECA, Stacey did a great job getting the information about the Semi Annual meeting and we had 70+ new potential members interested in CIECA.

      • There was a suggestion mid way through the day to record the meetings for people that could not attend. One had been recorded previous for training purposes, but it is seen as a benefit.

        • We recorded 2 of the afternoon sessions, one facilitated by Charley Quirt and one facilitated by Paulette Reed.

    • First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

      • The tactical plan shows that every team had Instance documents that needed to be created for Testing purposes, so every committee has this line.

    • Glass

      • Kathy Goddard is no longer a CIECA member but still the Chair of the committee, she does still drop in on meetings time to time. She did not attend the Semi Annual meeting.

    • Motor Vehicle Title

      • Chair is vacant

      • Renamed Instance documents

    • Parts Procurement

      • Mike Hastings requested changes to the BMS in the Semi Annual Meeting

        • Normal Timeline is 3 weeks from request we will have a meeting to go over the details of the request; however, since this will push us up to our 2020R2 Release date, we are speeding up the timeline.

      • This Committee has specific Procurement messages that need instance documents and they are individually specified.

    • Photo Estimate

      • Virtual estimate code is not needed because we already had a virtual estimate code. The Virtual Estimate does not capture as much data as other estimates, however, the code already existed.

    • Rental Management

      • Nothing new except verifying instance documents are complete

    • Repair Order

      • Repair Order will need to have joint meetings with Calibration

      • The Repair Order messages were added and should be marked completed

    • Salvage

      • Coordinate with NMVTIS Needs. NMVTIS changed ownership

      • Coordinate Salvage messages with Title Committee, Total Loss Committee, Recycled Parts & Inventory

    • Scan

      • Darrell Amberson would be a good chair for this because he is part of calibration committee and active in CIECA.

      • Scan had no changes but was used as part of calibration.

    • Scheduling

      • David McCreight did show up to semi annual meeting

      • Coordinate changes with Glass, Rental, VDI (Towing)

    • Subrogation

      • Chair is vacant

    • Architecture

      • Face to face was cancelled

      • No Fact to Face in September

      • Connex cancelled but do have topics identified (HTTP, REST, JSON and how they work together)

    • JSON committee

      • Has been moved into architecture, but leaving it in this document to call attention to it outside of the committee.

    • Calibration

      • CIC took the workflow that was created by the CIECA Calibration team and is now updating CIECA with changes to that workflow.

      • CIC is creating a video with the ADAS workflow.

      • The documents for Calibration has been moved to Box on

        • The committee name with a - is Public information (meeting notes, Charters, workflow, Non Intellectual Property)

        • No Dash is Private(Intellectual Property)

    • Education (Stacey lead discussion)

      • CIECAST has ben planned through November.

      • 170 have registered for the the next CIECAST.

      • In January we will get the goals and direction to continue scheduling CIECAST for 2021.

      • Working on the website to make sure it is clear and information is easy to find.

      • Working on a video to explain to others what CIECA is and can do for the industry.

      • Education moved to a bi weekly meeting for now.

      • Semi Annual Meeting had 85+ new interest and Stacey sent the pamphlet that Paul put together to all of those who showed interest in CIECA.

    • PIRC

      • Charley had completed the PIRC schema and code list and BMS changes.

      • Board requested that the information provided in the BMS be minimized as well as the code changes.

      • Charley removed all intellectual property and have sent the documents out to the committee to review and approve.

      • The Executive Committee needs determine what needs to happen with PIRC to turn these documents over and know that CIECA is protected and the documents can not be shared with just anyone.

    • Recycled Parts and Inventory (Ginny lead discussion)

      • Completed messages for 2020R2 release and aligned wiht Pocurment

      • working on message for EV(Electric Vehicle) and battery.

      • Hollander has generic numbers because OEMs will not share part numbers.

      • We need to start working on the battery aggregate and determine what is needed.

      • Calibration Implementation grids

  • Next Meeting 9/30/2020

Thanks for being a Great Committee - Charley

Up Next

  • Antitrust Agreement and Meeting minutes acceptance

Action items




  • @Paulette Reed - Scribe

  • @Charles Quirt (Unlicensed)

  • Phil Martinez

  • @Stacey Phillips

  • Ginny Whelan

  • Greg Best

  • @Paul Barry

  • Jeff Schroder

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