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May 5, 2022

May 10, 2022

Jun 27, 2022

March 1, 2023


Author of Project Request: Recycled Parts and Inventory Committee

Objective: In the last year the Recycled Parts and Inventory committee has been looking into the differences of the EV car and battery with workflows and impacts to the industry. The Committee would like to expand the industry outside of the recyclers to get more details on the EV lifecycle and the battery lifecycle. How is the data different that will need to be shared between the industry?

Expected Outcome(s): New Workflows will show the lifecycle of the EV and battery to generate messages and data elements needed.

Impacted/Interested Industry Segments:

All Collision Industry Segments will be impacted by EV.

Problem Statement:

As more EV vehicles arrive in the market, the collision industry segments need to focus on how these vehicles will change the current business workflows and data needed to continue to share data electronically.

 The EV creates new data sources, new data, new business concepts, new workflows and new data sharing requirements that will require new data sharing standards.

 This committee will attempt to bring together companies and individuals from all segments to gather feedback and then document the data, workflows and data sharing requirements that enables commerce, communication and connectivity between all segments.

 This committee will also help enhance CIECA messages and code lists and help build relationships to resolve issues outside of CIECA. 

Scope & Objectives:

CIECA’s EV Committee’s goal is to identify, prioritize, develop and maintain messaging, data sharing standards and codes to help all segments of the collision industry get access to and share data that enables commerce, communication and connectivity between segments. The committee’s responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, identifying new data sources, new data access and sharing requirements, new connectivity methodologies, new workflows, new terminology, and new data requirements to help drive the adoption and implementation of these new technologies into all collision industry segments.

Must Have

  • New Business Workflows for beginning of life to end of life for an EV.


  • Subscription Services

    • Will heated seats or other services do not work because subscription is not included.

Things to Consider:

  • Safe Repair

  • Estimate

  • Finding Correct Parts, Repair Facilities

  • First Responders Safety

  • Tow and Recyclers

  • Training / Education

  • Charging capabilities

  • Direct Sell Impact

  • Transfer of Sale

    • Customer experience

    • Aftermarket

  • Security and PII


  • Definition of Connected Vehicle


  • Status of Vehicle during Collision Repair

    • When disconnected need software updates.

    • Connection is not visible.


  • Finding documentations for repair and knowledge


  • Vehicle Intake process

    • when is the time to use diagnostic tool to see if vehicle is safe?

    • Definition to clarify guideline when to do what on a vehicle in a collision.

    • Best Practices - What a shop should or shouldn’t do

      • How do you store it

      • How do you isolate it

    • Recycler options for state of health of battery and vehicle

    • Transfer from collision/Tow/Repair shop/Salvage (how to handle it)

      • Version of cars


  • Data needs

    • Factory level tools are needed.


  • OE Repair Process during collision to keep everyone in sync.

    • Insurance

    • repair

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Parts Procurement


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