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All Project Committees will follow the Project Standard Committee Guidelines and Mission.

📈 Status:
titleCIECA Staff Review


🛒 CIECA Products Impacted Estimate, Invoice, Parts and Material Procurement, Survey, and Valuation

Initial Analysis:

  • <DamageLineInfo> is used in Estimate and Repair Order Folder and Survey which includes the <LineItemCategoryCode> code list.

    • Code List Line Item Category has several Category Names of Air Conditioning, ADAS and Diagnostic, Bumber, Cowl and Windshield, Deck Lid/Tailgate/Lift/Back, Door, Engine, ect.

      • ADAS and Diagnostics has Calibration (Dynamic), Component Initialization, Configuration, Calibration (Static), Diagnostic Operations, Programming, Research (ADAS), Research, Scanning, Test Drive or Road Trip, Vehicle Transportation to sublet vendor

        • We could add more detailed codes here for more information.

  • The <RepairTotalsInfo> Common Data Aggregate has the Optional/Repeating aggregate of <LaborTotalsInfo>

    • <LaborTotalsInfo> uses a Code List of Total Type to identify the estimate total category and the Code List of Total Sub Type to identify the Specific estimate total within the category.

      • Code List Total Type has Catagory of Betterment, Labor, Materials, Other, Glass, Parts and Miscellaneous values. Today we have Labor - Diagnostic and Labor - Advanced Electronics (E.g. ADAS, Diagnostics)

    • <RepairTotalsInfo> aggregate is included in the VehicleDamageEstimateAddRq, PropertyDamageEstimateAddRq, VehicleDamagePhotoEstimateAddRq, VehicleDamageEstimateChgRq, RepairOrderFolderAddRq, CSIEstimateSurvey, CSIRepairOrderSurvey, CSIGlassSurvey, CSIPropertySurvey, ValuationAddRq, and ValuationReportAddRq messages.

    • <RepairTotalsInfo> aggregate is included in RepairOrderFolder, which is used in RepairOrderFoldersAddRq message.

  • The InvoiceAddRq Message uses <BatchInvoice> Aggregate, which uses <RepairInvoiceDetails> Data Aggregate along with <RentalInvoiceDetails>, <GlassInvoiceDetails>, <TowingInvoiceDetails> and <SalvageInvoiceDetails>.

    • <RentaIInvocieDetails> uses the <BillToPartyDetiails> <RentalInvoicedLineItemDetails to show the details of the invoice.

    • <GlassInvoiceDetails> uses the <GlassInvoiceLineItemDetails> to show the details of the invoice.

    • <TowingInvoiceDetails> and <SalvageInvoiceDetails> uses the Aggregate <InvoiceTotalsInfo> aggregate to show the details of the invoice, which is a duplicate of the above mentioned <LaborTotalsInfo>

    • <RepairInvoiceDetails> does not seem to have an aggregate that shares the details of the invoice. We could Add <RepairTotalsInfo> aggregate to share the same information that was on the Estimate.

  • Code List Event Type has ADAS Customer Review, OEM BUILD Data Sheet Accessed, OEM Procedures Accessed, OEM Program Files Downloaded

  • The Test Instances and Implementation Guides we have today do not have a clear picture of a Repair Invoice, we should add a good example.

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